Salisbury, MD - 668.5 kW • CentroSolar 250 Watt Panels • Solectria Inverters

This array features 2,674 panels which generate over 835,000 kilowat hours of electricity per year. CNC Solar developed a 100% financed solar solution that required no up-front cash investment for Credit Plus. This project is cash-flow positive from day one, saving Credit Plus over $80,000 per year in electricity costs. Credit Plus is able to monitor the array's production with Solectria's SolrenView solution.

Milford, DE - 151.34 kW • Mage 230 Watt Panels • Satcon Inverters

Founded in 1997, First State Manufacturing began as a small two-person operation in the owners' garage. Today, First State Manufacturing is a firmly established industrial sewing company operating out of a 76,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and employing more than 70 highly trained full-time staff.

CNC installed 658 Mage solar panels on First State's facility, using a ballasted mounting system that does not permeate the roof. The 151.34 kW array produces enough power to eliminate the company's annual electricity supply charges. The array was located on the roof in such a manner that foul balls from the adjacent Little League fields do not endanger the solar panels.

Construction of the project was completed in September 2011.

Millsboro, DE - 10.81 kW • Sharp 230 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

CNC Solar leveraged the flexibility provided by Enphase Microinverters for this installation at After Hours Heating & Air. Because microinverters allow each panel to operate independently, shading issues were minimized in this installation. Since installation in November of 2010, this system has produced over 44 megawatt hours of electricity (that's 44,500 kilowatt hours - to compare, your home uses about 12,000 kilowatt hours per year) and has offset over 30 tons of carbon emissions.

Parkton, MD - 83.95 kW • Mage 230 Watt Panels • Solectria Inverters

This solar solution is installed on the rooftop and on a ground mounted system. This project was installed in two phases, and leverages funding from the federal 1603 renewable energy incentive program.

Lewes, DE - 12.42 kW • Sharp 230 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

This unique solar solution is actuall two separate arrays servicing two side-by-side businesses in the same building. The first array consists of 40 panels and is 9.2 kilowatts. The second smaller array consists of 14 panels and is 3.22 kilowatts. Working with two divisions of Atlantic Enterprises, Atlantic Homes and Atlantic Kitchen & Bath, CNC Solar was able to provide a design that fits the needs of the individual businesses, while appearing to be one cohesive array. As home builders and modelers, aesthetics are an important part of this company's image, and CNC Solar was able to meet the high standards of Atlantic Enterprises.

Bethany Beach, DE - 8.46 kW • Motech 235 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

When Bethany Beach went to bid for a solar solution for their Nature Center, CNC Solar responded with a unique solution - a solar pergola. This array, installed over a cedar trellis structure located behind the Nature Center, not only produces clean electricity, but also provides shade to the bike racks in an attractive manner. Faced with the challenge of a roof that simply would not support a solar array of any meaninful size, CNC Solar was able to provide a viable and attractive solution. With the online monitoring provided with Enphase microinverters, the Nature Center also uses their solar pergola as a teaching tool. They're able to bring up production data on a monitor in the nature center and share the environmental benefits of solar with their visitors.

This array was featured on a recent episode of WBOC's Delmarva Life and can be seen here.CNC Solar is also on hand at the Nature Center's annual Earth Day celebration.

Rio Grande, NJ - 16.605kW • GE 205 Watt Panels • SMA Inverters

One of CNC Solar's oldest installations, the solar array at Cape May Par Three in Rio Grande, NJ withstood the winds of Hurricane Sandy. The owners leveraged federal renewable funding to increase their return on investment in solar with the help of CNC Solar's expertise in solar incentives. Cape May Par Three also generates additional income from their solar array by selling their Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) in the lucrative New Jersey market.

Dover, DE - 28.52 kW • Mage 230 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

Gambler's Choice, located west of Dover, is a full service equestrian center and boarding facility. With plans to expand the facilities and to ensure the business's long term viability, Gambler's Choice's owner John Melnick began investigating the installation of a solar array with CNC Solar to power the operation. John eventually decided on a 28.52 kW array, involving 124 Mage Solar panels that would be enough to power Gambler's Choice's entire energy needs.

To help fund the project, CNC Solar worked with Gambler's Choice to apply for a coveted USDA Rural Energy for America Program grant. The project won the award, which became Delaware's largest solar USDA grant of 2011.

Construction of the project was completed in December 2011 and Gambler's Choice. Encouraged by the offices of Governor Jack Markell and U.S. Senator Thomas Carper, a public ribbon cutting ceremony is taking place of April 23, 2012.

Milford, DE - 15.64 kW • Mage 230 Watt Panels • SMA SunnyBoy Inverters

This solar solution is installed on the rooftop featuring a ballasted installation. No perforations to the roof were made to mount the panels on the roof; they are held in place with a specialized mounting system and ballast. This system is designed to withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour. All wiring is run through conduit.

Because the system is installed on a flat roof with a knee wall surround, it is not visible from the ground, so there is no aestetic impact on the business.

Cool Springs, DE - 3.478 kW • Mage 180 Watt Panels • Fronius Inverters

The buildings at Lavender Fields date as far back as the 1890's, so placement of the solar array had to be extremely respectful of the aestetics of the farm. CNC Solar was able to place 21 panels on the back of one of the buildings, and discretely run the necessary connecting wires and equipment, so as to not negatively affect the charm of Lavender Fields.

The owners now proudly show off their solar array, which produces energy that matches their demand curve. While the main season for the farm runs from June to October, the five-acre property runs year-round. As with the farm, the solar array operates 365 days a year, and allows them to "bank" extra energy produced in the off months for use in their peak summer usage months.

White Hall, MD - 12.92 kW • Mage 190 Watt Panels • Fronius Inverters

McGinnis Farm is the sister operation of Pennland Grain. Both locations have installed CNC Solar solutions. At this location, 68 Mage solar panels were installed and attached to multiple traditional Fronius inverters.

For this project, CNC Solar leveraged USDA renewable energy grants, greatly improving the return on investment in solar for McGinnis Farm.

New Freedom, PA - 14.985 kW • Mage 185 Watt Panels • Fronius Inverters

This solar solution is installed using Schletter mounts over a metal roof. A complete structural analysis was completed prior to installation to assure the safety of this installation.

CNC Solar was able to leverage Pennsylvania's Sunshine Program to secure over $12,000 in state incentives, greatly increasing Pennland Grain's return on investment in solar.

Baltimore, MD - 36.66 kW • Motech 235 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

Roland Park Country School is nestled on a beautiful 21 acre campus just north of downtown Baltimore on Roland Avenue. The independent all-girls college preparatory school is a leader within the strong private school community in Baltimore, continually looking for new ways to innovate in the classroom, and improve the school's impact on the surrounding areas. Over the last 10 years, Roland Park became a Maryland Green School and reduced its carbon footprint by 10%.

Students in a Sustainable Design and Engineering class introduced solar as the next logical step. The students developed a proposal to install a photovoltaic solar array that would double as an educational tool for the rest of the student body and the surrounding community. Once the administration approved their plans, CNC Solar and K-Electric were brought on board. With everyone working together, Roland Park won a competitive grant from the Lockhart Vaughan Foundation to install the array. In order to expand the system's size, CNC Solar helped Roland Park secure an additional grant from the Maryland Energy Administration.

In the fall of 2011, CNC Solar installed 156 Motech 235 watt panels, manufactured an hour up 95 N in Newark, DE. The finished system totals 36.66kW, produces 1% of the K-12 schools electricity usage, and offsets almost 45,000 lbs. of CO2 annually. CNC Solar, K-Electric, and the Roland Park Faculty have already implemented the educational aspects of the array into the classroom, with plans for further integration and learning.

Fenwick Island, DE - 8.46 kW • Motech 235 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

Installed in August of 2011, this array provides approximately one megawatt hour (1,000 kilowatt hours) per month to the Town of Fenwick Island. The Town is able to monitor their array's production online with Enphase's Enlighten system, which was provided as part of this solar solution.

So far, this array has offset as much carbon as two acres of forest.

Hartly, DE - 9.66 kW • Mage 230 Watt Panels • Fronius Inverters and Enphase Microinverters

This solar solution is installed on two roofs at Turning Pointe Farm near Hartly, DE. Because each array is distinctly different, they were each desiged separately but installed together. The first array features Mage solar panels with a traditional Fronius inverter. The second array has the same panels, but they utilize Enphase microinverters.

As with all CNC Solar arrays,this solution was custom-designed to meet the individual needs of the customer and the demands of the solar installation site.