Lewes, DE - 8.28 kW • Mage 230 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

The Bartell's 36-panel array is installed on the rear roofs of their home. Because the roofs have distinctively different pitches, Enphase microinverters were installed. The use of microinverters allows each panel to operate independently, enabling the panels with a better pitch to produce more electricty. Their solar savings are truly appreciated in the months when the pool pump is running.

Bethany Beach, DE - 4.37 kW • Sharp 230 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

"Working with CNC Solar has been a surprisingly friendly, professional and efficient experience. They completely installed the system in one day, responded to all my questions quickly and handled all the paperwork with Delmarva Power, the State, and SRECS. It is a competent, customer-centered company and I enjoyed doing business with them."

Rehoboth Beach, DE - 4.335 kW • Motech 255 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

When the Garlow brothers decided to build a vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, they designed a high-efficiency dwelling featuring state-of-the-art materials. They turned to CNC Solar to install solar on the shed (which also features solar hot water heaters) and the main house. They approached CNC Solar early in the construction phase, and were able to tailor the pitches of the roofs to optimize the array's size and production. This home is seeking Energy Star certification.

Since the house has been completed, the owner has installed an electric vehicle (EV) charging station. He permits EV owners to charge their vehicles for free, using power generated by the solar array. As this array is adjacent to the CNC Solar parking lot, we now often see Tesla vehicles recharging from the Garlow array.

Dewey Beach, DE - 3.0 kW • GE 200 Watt Panels and Motech 235 Watt Panels • Xantrex Inverter (Existing)

When the Lucases installed their original solar array in 2009, the high cost of solar at the time limited them to a 1.8 kW array with only nine panels. CNC Solar was able to add six panels to their array, bringing the total array size up to 3.0 kW. There was no need to replace the existing inverter, as it is capable of handling up to 5 kW of solar power. Due to tight roof space, this array is a hybrid layout, with panels in both landscape and portrait orientations. Because the array is only visible from Rehoboth Bay, the Lucases requested the most aggressive roof layout possible, and CNC Solar was happy to accomodate their request.

Lincoln, DE - 5.52 kW • Mage 230 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

Lewes, DE - 7.79 kW • General Electric 205 Watt Panels • Enphase Microinverters

"The sales and installation of my solar electric system by CNC Solar was very professional."