Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solar Panels in Rehoboth Beach, South Bethany, Ocean View & Fenwick Island, DE

When any commercial business is considering renewable energy options, the real question is: "Which solution is right for me?"

With our industry-leading experience providing turn-key solar PV solutions for a wide range of clients across numerous industries and geographies, CNC Solar helps each client answer that question with a solar energy solution designed and deployed to match your situations and needs.

Businesses are diverse. However, they share many of the same energy management needs: reducing costs, providing a reliable energy source, and meeting sustainability goals. CNC Solar has the experience to make the benefits of solar a reality for your business, with little to no up-front cost, a turn-key solution, and an immediate positive impact on your bottom line.

CNC Solar has the answer

In today's competitive business market, the top priority is the bottom line. CNC Solar employs a wide range of financing and installation options to fit individual business needs.

Our advantage is designing, financing, and implementing solar solutions that meet the specific needs of an individual business.

As savvy consumers increasingly look to conduct their business with companies that put a priority on sustainability, solar also provides downstream benefit. We'll help you leverage the public relations advantages of going solar so your customers are aware of your accomplishments.

Commercial Solar Advantages

  • No large up-front investment
  • Immediate savings resulting in lower operating costs
  • Reduction in not only electricity consumption, but, in some cases, also demand charges
  • Numerous tax advantages, including accelerated depreciation of investment in solar
  • Marketing and branding of the environmental responsibility of your company and products

Lower Operating Costs

Every kilowatt hour produced by solar is one you don't have to purchase from the grid, saving your business money. Solar helps protect you from rising energy costs, and is usually equal to or lower than your current electricity rates.

Reliable, Predictable Power

In the industry, solar is referred to as a "fire and forget" technology. Why? Because solar is extremely reliable, with minimal maintenance required. Pair this with solar's extremely predictable production, and the result is a winning energy solution for your business. The solar production curve often meets the demand curve of businesses, providing you with power when you need it most.

Renewable Energy

Obviously, power from the sun is clean. It's renewable, eliminating the need for you to purchase fuel for your energy system. Solar delivers power with zero emissions. Solar arrays unobtrusively and silently generate electricity for your business for decades. And because solar is renewable, in many locations, you can be paid when you sell the renewable attributes of the energy you produce and consume.

Excellent Return on Investment

Since 2008, solar prices have dropped by 75%, making solar PV systems a cost-effective and affordable solution for all size businesses. With an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can be assured that your solar solution from CNC Solar will meet your business needs.

Solar Financing - Eliminating Roadblocks

  • Operating Lease1
  • Capital Lease2
  • Power Purchase Agreement3
While solar can greatly decrease your ongoing, and ever-increasing, cost of operations, the up-front investment can seem daunting to many business owners. CNC Solar's financial resources eliminate the initial investment hurdle. We provide solutions that require little to no money out of pocket, and are cash-flow positive from day one. With numerous high-quality financing resources at our fingertips, we can find the perfect financing vehicle necessary to make solar a reality for you today.

Social Responsibility

Not only does solar contribute to energy independence, but it also creates good local jobs, contributing to the local economy. Distributed power systems (including the solar array installed at your location) help ease demand on the local power grid.

Why CNC Solar

  • We are a full service solar installation company providing solar electric systems that reduce operating costs.
  • Founded on the basis of better products provided at better prices with better customer service, we provide a turn-key solution. Of course we provide you with a complete, functioning, efficient solar array. We also complete all of the necessary paperwork to secure permits, inspections, and grants.
  • With a full suite of energy management solutions to complement our solar solutions, we offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective approach to minimizing your electricity costs.
  • Our incentive experts work on securing all of the incentives available to you when investing in solar.
  • We deploy state-of-the-art equipment from leading brands and utilize industry experts when designing, installing, and constructing your solar solution.
  • Every commercial solar array is custom designed to meet your individual needs.

The CNC Solar Approach

We deliver solar success in three phases:

Analysis and Design

We conduct an on-site assessment of your energy baseline use and needs and the solar production potential of your facility and property. Based upon the results of that assessment, CNC Solar designs a solar solution that utilizes the latest technologies, materials, and designs to optimize solar energy production, at the best return on investment. We quantify your energy savings, attribute income, and incentives so that you can see the positive impact solar can have on your bottom line.


Our expert installation team constructs your solution, with professional attention to detail. We then activate your system and generate clean, renewable energy from the sun. After construction is complete, the system is analyzed to assure your solution is meeting the production and performance criteria set forth in the analysis and design process.

Certification and Operation

We manage the complete renewable power certification process, allowing you to realize income from the renewable attributes of your solar solution.

1Operating Leases eliminate the up-front cost barrier of solar with no direct impact the lessee's balance sheet. Incentives and tax benefits are retained by the lessor
2Capital Leases also eliminate the up-front cost barrier of solar, but are reflected on the lessee's balance sheet. With this financing structure, incentives and tax benefits are retained by the lessee.
3Power purchase agreements are formed between and electricity producer and an electricity consumer or delivery company for the purchase of electricity. Owners of solar arrays can use PPAs to realize their return on investment in solar.