Experience and Certifications

CNC Solar was established by two partners who knew that they could provide higher quality solar technologies at a better price with higher customer satisfaction. Founded in 2009, CNC Solar was established out of the need to provide smarter solar solutions. All of our employees have come to CNC Solar with previous experience in the renewable industry. The result is a team with 30 + years of renewable experience in an industry that has only seen wide commercial expansion in the last eight years.

An Experienced Team You Can Trust

CNC Solar has completed numerous installations throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. We have the ability to work with any utility and local permitting requirements. Our representatives and the company hold Maryland MHIC licenses.

Policy Experts

As active participants in the renewable energy field in a number of states for over eight years, our staff monitors renewable energy policies in multiple states. Our regular interaction with the policy setters assures us that we are always abreast of the policies that can influence the cost-effectiveness of your investment in solar.

Financing Expertise

CNC Solar works with national leaders in the renewable financing industry.

For homeowners, we provide solutions with better return on investment than traditional solar leases. The application and closing process is easy and quick.

For commercial clients, CNC Solar has a number of different solutions available, so that we can provide the structure of financing that best meets your business needs. Capital and operating leases, as well as power purchase agreements, are designed to provide you with the optimum return on investment.